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Shapeshift Bot

Send Bitcoins easily from within the Ethereum network

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A simple Ethereum contract to transfer Ether to Bitcoin, via Ether transactions or from within other contracts.

It is using for the actual exchange and for the HTTP communication from within Ethereum.


It is really simple to use within a contract:

import "shapeshiftbot.api.sol"
contract Hello is usingShapeshift {
  function Hello() {

  // Or just hardcode the value and destination address
  function test(uint value, string bitcoinAddress) {
    shapeshiftTransfer(value, "btc", bitcoinAddress);

In order to make this work, you need to put shapeshiftbot.api.sol in the same directory as your contract. The other Solidity sources are not needed from this project.

I will periodically publish a new contract based on the changes in this repository and update the lookup contract. Please make a pull request instead of publishing a lot of copies of this contract on Ethereum.

How does this actually works?

For more information please read the README.

Created by Alex Beregszaszi during a blockchain hackathon (#blockhack15). Reach him on Github or Twitter.